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Vitamin BW

Single and Triple Tone B&W Converter

Brilliant and rich gray tones based on a totally new concept. Get three different tonal versions with one click. Basic an advanced B&W editing made easy


ALCE | Advanced Local Contrast Enancer

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“we can correct the sad and unattractive aspect of digital photography. This is the same difference between overcooked and al dente spagettis, or between a soft and a crunchy french baguette”


Watch The New Portfolio Gallery

A collection of stunning Portfolios from our customers, contributors and friends.
Hans Strand, William Branson III and the stunning black&white portfolio of Elio Marchi.

© Elio Marchi

Welcome to Know-How Transfer – The Photography Knowledge Hub

Everyone dealing with photography and digital imaging will find a unique mix of instructional and how-to content, as well as effective tutorials and free resources. Our applications are specifically designed by photographers for photographers.
Our mission is to create a community, a Central Hub of Photography Knowledge, where photographers can exchange experiences, share information and grow their skills.

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All our software is the result of a joint work between developers and photographers, to make your work easier and more qualitative. For less experienced and advanced users.


With our tutorials learn step-by-step shooting techniques, lighting setups, and post-production workflow to create photos or styles like experienced professionals. Coming soon!

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A rich collection of topics, tips and essays about every aspect of photography and digital imaging. There’s something here for everyone from the beginner to the advanced user.

Portfolios Gallery

A collection of stunning Portfolios from our customers, contributors and friends. We also encourage you to comment on the articles and share your experience.

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Introducing The New VitaminBW

Single and Triple Tone Black & White Converter

The Interface of VitaminBW Single and Triple Tone B&W Converter for Photoshop

Basic and Advanced B&W Tonal Editing Made Easy

A Black & White Converter with brilliant and rich gray tones based on a totally new concept.
With one click you will get a choice three different tonal versions with anything you need to quickly compare an/or  blend them.
Also, VitaminBW offers two conversion options, a full range of color filters and four nice colorization.

  • Brilliant and Tonally Rich Conversion 70%
  • Three Tonal Versions With One Click 85%
  • A Full Set of Great Color Filters 50%

Introducing the new Portfolio Gallery

A collection of stunning Portfolios from our customers, contributors and friends.

Hans Strand

Lanscape Photography
The Iceland Portfolio

A Master of Landscape, specialized in aerial photography of the wild northern and Arctic countries. Memorable among the others his work on the wilderness in Iceland. Hans received many awards, among them Hasselblad Master 2008.


  • Landscape Photography 90%
  • Postproducing Workflow 50%
  • Medium Format Photography 65%

Elio Marchi

Travel Photography
An Industrial Nomad

Elio is not a Pro. Because of his job he travels worldwide, always careful to catch the best around himself. We personally knew Elio recently and we were pleased by his tuscan wit his work and his black & white is very remarkable.


  • Humour Wit 50%
  • Candid Photography 60%
  • Black & White 75%

William Branson III

Fine Portraiture
Creator of fine portraiture since 1972, William Branson III is an international artist whose portraiture is quite unique. He has dedicated his life to hard work, experimentation and the pursuit of excellence in classical portraiture.


  • Shooting Technique 50%
  • Portraiture 95%
  • Postproducing Workflow 65%

The Hub Blog – Recent Post

Dedicated to young photographers beginning their profession

This post is to introduce you to my “Semi-serious biography.” written in 1992 after two long days of interviews. It narrates my beginnings as a photographer, first as an amateur, then as professional. It is especially targeted to those young people about to embark in this tough but beautiful profession…

Marco Olivotto Color Seminars at Fespa Munich 2014

These videos deal with color management and correction in textile printing. However we do think that they may be very interesting for a generic audience.
These are five seminars delivered in Germany at FESPA Digital 2014 for a total of two-and-a-half hours.

A Pick From Resources | Highly Shared on The Web

3F | The revolutionary professional scan system by Hasselblad

In 2000 Imacon, now Hasselblad, created a new proprietary format for the Flextight scanners, the Flexible File Format or fff. 3F has determined the biggest revolution in the field of original analog scanning since the introduction of the drum scanner. A 3F allows one to obtain a file similar to a raw file from analog original.


A false profile (that is, a profile with a non-standard gamma value) can be expressed as pencil-drawn curves generated by Photoshop. While this has little practical relevance, it allows us to understand what assigning a false profile actually does to an image by simply inspecting the shape of a curve.

Notes on Sharpening

Sharpening with Gaussian and edge-aware blurring kernels; a new experimental approach on High-Radius Low-Amount sharpening; how to separately target edges and texture in the same high frequency range. Gaussian, Bilateral and Mixed pyramid decompositions, efficient platforms on the top of which new sharpening strategies can be developed.

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