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Decomposed layer by Wow Frequency Equalizer Pro with the panel interface a the layers window

We just released Wow! Frequency Equalizer Pro Edition

For those who don’t know it, Wow! Classic Edition is an exclusive Photoshop plugin that decomposes your images in five different frequency layers and let you easily boost or smooth each frequency range simply using its five dedicated sliders. Wow! adds style, image sharpness and three-dimensionality together with incredibly smooth transitions.

The brand new Wow! Pro adds the exclusive Decompose function, an exciting new feature of Wow! Frequency Equalizer Pro. You can now explicitly turn each frequency into its own pixel layer (five of them are created in a stack, plus a base layer) for a better and more precise frequency based retouching. You can paint, clone and heal on the exact frequency layer that contains the features you need to target, with great precision, giving you unprecedented control over the retouching process.

Wow Frequency Equalizer + Mask Equalizer at work combined in Photoshop

Wow! + Mask Equalizer. Two Thoroughbreds Working Together

Mask Equalizer is a Photoshop plug-in to easily create sophisticated masks using multiple luminosity ranges. Load one preset with just one click, to start to create your perfect mask. Instantly preview the result switching back and forth from mask to comp mode. Feather the mask, modify its contrast or opacity. Works with adjustment layers, advanced objects or groups.

We warmly suggest to consider to buy one of our convenient bundles of Wow and Mask Equalizer. This plug-in is totally independent from Wow!, but it really shines when they are used together.

Tutorials by Marco Olivotto

  • 1.1 Frequency Separation And The Basics Of Wow!
  • 1.2 Basic Tutorial
  • 1.3 Advanced Tutorial And Masking Techniques
  • 1.4 Wow! Frequency Equalizer Pro Edition And Five Bands Decomposing

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Wow Frequency Equalizer Classic and Pro Edition panel and decompose window and a woman portaitBeauty Shot Tuned by Wow Frequency Equalizer

What’s new in Wow! Frequency Equalizer Pro Vs Classic

Wow! Classic works on five different frequency layers, but where are they? Well, they’re hidden: you actually manipulate them with the sliders, but there’s nothing else you can do. Wow! Pro adds the option to turn each frequency into its own pixel layers. You can paint, clone and heal on the very exact frequency layer that contains the features you need to target, with great precision, giving you unprecedented control over the retouching process.

Spatial Frequency Separation in Theory

Usually one encounters spatial frequency separation for the first time in the field of beauty retouch. To put it as easily as possible, it is a technique which separates the texture of an image from its shape, allowing the retoucher to easily clone over defective...

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