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MASK Equalizer

Create masks using multiple tonal ranges. Choose between our presets, to create a mask with just one click. Live preview of the mask or the image with the mask applied



© Depositphotos.com/Irina Gromovataya

Dive in to Experience The WOW Factor!

An exclusive Photoshop extension that improves your images with a magical combination of sharpening, shape and smoothing.



©Depositphotos.com/Irina Gromovataya

VitaminBW Single and Triple Tone B&W Converter

Brilliant and rich gray tones based on a totally new concept. Get three different tonal versions with one click. Basic and advanced B&W editing made easy



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Great Free Tutorials and Contents

Enjoy the great tutorials by Marco Olivotto, exclusive contents, nice Porfolio Galleries



© Marco Olivotto/Model:Dony

Know-How Transfer – The Photography Knowledge Hub

Everyone dealing with photography and digital imaging will find a unique mix of instructional and how-to content here. Our applications are specifically designed by photographers for photographers removing anything not essential.

A Pick From Our Apps

Wow! Tonal Equalizer

Wow! Frequency Equalizer

An exclusive PS extension to improve images with an unique combination of sharpening, shape and smoothing. We call this “The Wow! Factor”. Now available as Classic, Social and Video Edition.
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Three tonal versions by VitaminBW

VitaminBW  – Single and Triple Tone B&W Converter

Based on a totally new concept. Get brilliant and rich gray tones and a choice of three different tonal versions to compare or blend them. VitaminBW will dramatically change your approach to black & white conversion.
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ALCE Panel with a Ferrari F40 in the background

ALCE  – Advanced Local Contrast Enhancer

An easy-to-use and powerful tool to effectively improve and finely tune the local contrast of an image. The interface is simple and clean, with just one slider, allowing the user to customize the effect in a straightforward way.
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Channels Power Tool Interface and channels preview

Channels Power Tools – Optimize and speed-up your workflow

Easily get a preview of all available channels. Create and load masks from the channels. Use available masks and the powerful Apply Image option to precisely recover the details of your file to enhance your color control precision and productivity.
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Floating Adjustment

Two must have Freeware

False Profile. Changes the Luminosity of an Image with One Click
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Floating Adjustment. Restores the CS3 Adjustment Layers’ bigger, floating windows look and behaviour.
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What’s New on the Site

MASK Equalizer. Our Newer Ground Breaking App

An exclusive Photoshop extension to preview edit and create masks using multiple tonal ranges. You can choose between our presets, to create a mask with just one click. You can live preview both the mask or the image with the mask applied.

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The brand new Tutorials  on Wow! Frequency Separation by Marco Olivotto

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Behind the Scenes of a Professional Photoshoot

After many, many years as a photographer, I’m still fascinated by magic that happens behind the camera of every breathtaking shot. This is uniquely possible when all the elements come together in harmony – the light, camera, lens, cables, equipment, with the beauty in the foreground and the action in the background. Join me behind the camera on some of my favorite photoshoots.

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A Pick From Our Videos

A short video introducing Know-How Tansfer’s products and services. About us >

Dive in to experience the Wow! Factor. A brief presentation of Wow! Tonal Equalizer: Classic Social and Video Edition

An introduction to VitaminBW black&white conversions and the magic of Triple Tone. By Marco “The Voice” Olivotto.

A classic by Marco “The Voice” Olivotto. What is Local Contrast? Understanding ALCE’s working principle

An introduction to this cult app, step by step, by Giuliana Abbiati

How to shoot cars on location. TIntroductory video at Hasselblad master-class at Photokina.

Behind the scenes for a photoshoot for a Manfrotto campaign. From the beginning, to the end.

Hasselblad 3F 16 bit Raw Scan with Scanner Flextight X5

Hasselblad 3F 16bit Raw Scan

The best 3F Scan Service and Support on the Market.
3F is a proprietary file created by Hasselblad, which allows one to get from film a file that, from a functional point of view, is the equivalent of digital a raw. We offer a state-of-the-art 3F Scan Service for a very convenient price together with the best 3F support on the market.

Try free the 3F System

Touch with your hand the quality and functionality of the 3F System.
The package contains:
3F from a 35mm b&w negative
3F from a medium format color negative
3F from a 4×5″ transparency
Flexcolor installer MAC/WIN
Plugin “Imacon 3F”
Flexcolor user manual

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