What’s New

We just redesigned the Training Experience

Our new training experience includes the user manual, video tutorials and much more. Everything can be easily accessed by clicking on the book icon at the bottom of all the new plugin panels.

From the manual’s front page, by clicking on the green buttons, you can access each chapter along with additional, external content. Throughout the manual, you will also be able to find other resources including videos, images, tutorials, blog posts and support pages. This additional content is available in each plugin’s training page, which can be accessed from the manual’s front page or the Know-How Transfer site.

Currently available for Mask Equalizer, Wow!, Next. Double USM and VitaminBW will follow soon.

11  April 2017. NEXT page restyled

The new page focuses on explaining the features of NEXT, starting from Local Contrast and Radius and more.
We added the links to trial versions, MAC and WIN and a “Related Topics” section.
The NEXT vs ALCE comparison contents have been moved to a dedicated post.

9  April 2017. New post. NEXT Vs ALCE. What’s New In NEXT Local Contrast Enhancer

A comparison page NEXT vs ALCE
Read post

7  April 2017. Trials download page

The trials versions are the same as the licensed ones with an added watermark.
We started with NEXT trials. Others will follow.
The user manuals are available from the plugin panel, by just clicking on the book icon. When installing the licensed version, the trial version will be overwritten.
Go to trials download page

27  February 2017. Double USM 2, plugin version released

Double USM 2 Panel in Extended Mode with cusrom preset
  • 6 to 8 time faster compared with Double USM 1.
  • Separate threshold for dark and light halos.
  • New masking option to exclude highlights, midtones or shadows.
  • Plugin working internally at 32bit / Quad-core compatible.
  • User manual embedded in the panel..

Go to Double USM 2 Page
Watch the Quick Start tutorial
Read or download the user manual

17  February 2017. Next Local Contrast Enhancer 1.0.6 released

1.0.6 WIN version fixes some incompatibilities with Windows Defender, Kaspersky, and Norton.
Go to “My Account” page to download Next 1.0.6

Download the manual

You can use this pdf to update the manual embedded in the plugin panel and replace the existing one in:
MAC: Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/NEXT
WIN: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Know-How Transfer\NEXT

15 February 2017. Mask Equalizer 1.1.3 released

1.1.3 In WIN fixes some issues with Windows Defender, Kaspersky, and Norton
Go to “My Account” page to download Mask Equalizer 1.1.2

Download the manual
This version of the manual is embedded in the new release of the plugin
or ou can use this pdf to update the embedded one.
MAC: Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/MASK
WIN: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Know-How Transfer\MASK

Version History

1.1.2 Fixes an issue with the Apply button. The user manual has been improved, and now all the external links work correctly.
1.1.1 adds the new more functional toggled MASK Preview / Comp Preview. The small book icon in the bottom of the manual now correctly opens the user manual in WIN.

14 February 2017. New Mask Equalizer Training Page

This page is part of the brand new instructional and training system we have designed.
The user manual can be easily accessed by clicking on the book icon at the bottom of all the new plugin panels. From the green buttons of the manual front-page, you can access to the chapters in the manual. Further links in the pages redirect you to this page sections or other related contents on this site or elsewhere.
Go to Mask Equalizer Training page

Wow! Frequency Equalizer Pro Edition 1.5.1 release

1.5.1 changes the Decomposed button and fixes issues related to the Apply” and “Reset”  buttons. The user manual has been improved and now all the external links work properly.
Go to “My Account” page to download Wow! Frequency Equalizer Pro Edition 1.5.1


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