Wow! Tonal Equalizer
Social Edition

Lavora direttamente sui formati web

Un’applicazione innovativa progettata ed ottimizzata per risoluzioni tra 1000 e 1500 px. In questa gamma rientrano quasi tutti gli utilizzi web e social di importanza sempre più determinante.

Ma perché una versione per file “piccoli”? Prima di tutto bisognerebbe rivedere il concetto di “piccoli”. Le grandi immagini di apertura di questo sito sono 1080px. Quelle grandissime dal punto di vista del web di Plastic Girls o Gitzo Hi-Tech, 1500px.

Abbiamo perciò progettato un “Wow! in miniatura” con cursori a raggio più corto, un algoritmo più adatto a queste risoluzioni e una gamma di preset su misura. Il risultato è sorprendente.
Lavora con file fino a 1920×1920 px.


  • Five bands offer you full control over the spatial frequencies of your images 70% 70%
  • Combine smoothing, sharpening and local contrast in one go 85% 85%
  • Start from presets and create your own personal look 50% 50%

Boosting and Smoothing Multiple Frequency Separation. Live!

Any image is made of fine detail and coarser areas. Controlling these is the key to the winning look which has “The Wow! Factor”. Traditional sharpening, for instance, adds detail. But what if you need to remove detail at a certain scale? In the unique Wow! panel, you can do it through five dedicated sliders whose values can be either positive or negative. A few more intuitive controls like opacity and preview are all you’re ever going to need.
Wow!, thanks to its powerful engine works seamlessly on 8, 16, and 32bit files.
Compatibility: Photoshop CC, all versions – 64 bit only.

The “Wow! Factor”

The “Wow! Factor” is the magic combination of sharpening and smoothing that helps you add shape and personality to your images. Like our other tools, Wow! is designed for photographers who are not keen on spending hours in Photoshop, but need to raise above the crowd. Our presets already start from an advanced result, then you add your unique creative vision and style.

  • lady_before
  • Lady_after

Click or tap on the images to enlarge them. Click again to watch the before/after comparison.

Compatibility: Version 1.1.004

  • Photoshop CC All Versions
  •  64 bit only
  • MAC: Lion and later, El Capitan included
  • WIN: Vista and later, WIN 10 included



IVA Inclusa – Svizzera €13
Wow! SocialEqualizer | Licenza singolo utente

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