Floating Adjustments | Ripristina le grandi finestre flottanti di CS3

Freeware | Sviluppato da Davide Barranca

Floating Adjustments | L’utility che molti stavano aspettando

Ripristina i grandi pannelli dei Livelli di regolazione, com’era nella norma fino a CS3. Permette la modifica degli esistenti Livelli di regolazione. Non vi rovinerete più la vista la vista con le nuove, piccole, finestre flottanti.

  • Grande, leggibile finestra flottante per i livelli di regolazione 70% 70%
  • Facilità d’uso 50% 50%
  • Tutte le opzioni visibili ed accessibili con un click 85% 85%

Davide Barranca tells how
Floating Adjustments was born.

Applied Color Theory in Photoshop Yahoo group (founded by Dan Margulis back in 2000) has sent me email digests more or less every day. Number #3572, May 3rd, starts with a post from a Graphic Designer, titled “Retrofitting the old curves dialog to CS5”

“We upgraded to CS5 and I am dealing with the new integrated curves dialog in the adjustments panel when working with a curves adjustment layer. How do I get back to the old dialog which shows up when you apply curves directly to the image/layer?”

Personally, it took me a while to get accustomed to the Adjustments Panel; and even though I still prefer the “old way”, I can live with it now. Yet, I remember months of great frustration and hostility towards that panel and progress in general :-). Basically for two reasons: IMHO it wastes a lot of display’s real estate; moreover, even its larger version is smaller compared to old style floating windows – which is a downside when you draw Curves for instance.

On the right. The panel may be collapsed, docked and undocked in the Photoshop palette area.

My version of the Adjustments panel, which restores the Floating Window behaviour

So in June 2009 I felt compelled to code my own version. It was a panel called Floating Adjustments, which made all the newly created adjustment layers (of almost any kind) to open as floating windows; plus, it allowed every existing adjustment layer to be modified as floating windows. That is, my secret agenda was to kill the original Adjustments Panel…!
Back then, I had very little experience on CS Extension coding (which is damn slowly increasing), so I’ve had to fix a couple of things to make it run properly – as far as I recall it worked, but who remembers. Finally here it is!

Having learned so much from Colortheory people it’s a pleasure to give them back a little something from time to time, so this is the link for the free download (in the freeware section of our main site – login required with free account of course) and some installation notes. The panel requires Photoshop CS5 (Basic or Extended) or higher, Mac or PC. If you can’t sleep without this information, it’s been coded with Flash Builder 4 + Extension Builder 1.5 (even though Configurator would have been enough, I suppose).

Curves floating window dialog It works this way: if you want to create a new Adjustment layer, click the corresponding icon. Bigger, good old-style floating window appears. The panel supports the creation of 10 adjustment kinds (Curves, Levels, Exposure, Black&White, Brightness/Contrast, Hue/Saturation, Vibrance, Selective Color, Channel Mixer, Color Balance).
Plus, it lets you modify any kind of adjustment layers (even those who are not listed above – with the exception of Invert which has no options), always as floating windows.

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Photoshop CC e successivi, CC 2017 incluso
Mac: OSX7 Lion e successivi OSX Sierra incluso
WIN: Vista e successivi, WIN10 incluso
NON compatibile con CS6