VitaminBW 2 – Single User License


Customer’s country VAT added to EU customers only.

Single user license on two different computers.
Photoshop CC and later
Mac: OSX Lion and later
WIN: Vista and later
Current Version: 2.0.2
CS6 users must buy VitaminBW1


VitaminBW 2 – Advanced Black and White Conversion and Editing

VitaminBW 2 is a two-step conversion process that first creates a smooth black and white version and then applies an algorithm to make your image pop with rich and brilliant tonal gradations. “Triple Tone” option with one click, serves you on a silver tray three different tonal versions, all in a single Photoshop document to choose the best or blend two or more. VitaminBW will dramatically change your approach to black & white conversion.

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