Trials Download

The trial versions are the same as the licensed ones with an added watermark.
The user manuals are available from the plugin panel, by just clicking on the book icon.

The links on the front page take you directly to the relevant section of the manual. The pages include links to additional external content like training pages, tutorials and more.
Installing the licensed version, the trial version will be overwritten.
All the plugins are WIN10 / OS Catalina / Photoshop CC 2020 compatible.

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More info? Go to plugins page or download the user manuals

Wow! Frequency Equalizer 2 with Panel and an image tuned with Wow! and Edge Preserving

Wow! 2

Wow! 2 lets you easily boost or smooth each frequency range. Wow! adds style, image sharpness, and three-dimensionality together with incredibly smooth transitions. The new version 2 brings many improvements starting from the powerful Edge and Tone Preserving tool and the Quick Decompose function.

Wow! Frequency Equalizer Pro 2 with Panel and an image tuned with Wow! and Edge Preserving

Wow! Pro 2

Some features of Wow! 2 plus Decompose option. You can turn each frequency into its pixel layer for a more precise frequency based retouching. Paint, clone and heal on the particular frequency layer that contains the features you need to target, with unprecedented control over the retouching process. Full control on frequency based contrast.

Shape | Midtones Global/Local Contrast Manager | Plugin for Photoshop


Shape is a Plugin for Photoshop CC to manage contrast, sharpness, and color, in one go. Its shaping effect is mostly concentrated in the mid-tones, using a sophisticated 32bit internal masking protecting highlights and shadows, that the user can control by just moving the sliders.

VitaminBW 2 Photoshop Plugin sample of conversion and panel interface

VitaminBW 2

A two-step conversion process that creates a smooth black and white version and then applies an algorithm to make your image pop with vibrant and brilliant tonal gradations. VitaminBW will dramatically change your approach to black & white conversion.