VitaminBW 2 | Advanced Black & White Conversion and Editing

VitaminBW 2 is a two-step conversion process that creates a smooth black-and-white version and then applies an algorithm to make your image pop with rich and brilliant tonal gradations. “Triple Tone” option, with one click, serves you on a silver tray three different tonal versions, all in a single Photoshop document, to choose the best or blend two or more. VitaminBW will dramatically change your approach to black & white conversion.


The Panel and a Space Image tuned with the new VitaminBW 2 Black&White Converter

VitaminBW 1 got a prominent place in the Black and White community because of its conversion quality and the stunning capabilities of Triple Tone. Unfortunately, it missed the live preview and needed to be faster. Recently, thanks to the know-how achieved developing the new plug-ins, we set out to improve this outstanding product by improving on some of its weaknesses and adding extra features.

Live Preview

VitaminBW 2, thanks to the new super fast engine, adds a live preview. You will be able to compare different settings in a while.

Flexible Output

You can now get the black and white layer flattened or layered in a stack, exactly as VitaminBW 1, for an advanced and flexible tonal editing.

Gamma Control

Gamma is a powerful new tool that controls luminosity before the image boost. More options are the Repeat function and the auto pre-filtering.

32bit Plugin

Version 1 was a script. Version 2 is a plug-in that uses its internal engine working at 32bit stretching the local histogram much better.

  • Live preview and faster algorithm 80% 80%
  • Single and Triple Tone option now more flexible than ever 85% 85%
  • Powerful Gamma Control 75% 75%

€32 – €19.2 Upgrade – Multi-licenses available

Full functions version with watermark

VitaminBW is a two steps black and white conversion

The plugin first converts a color file into a smooth, high-quality black and white, then boosts its contrast and local contrast. We call this second step, “Vitaminize.” You can get the final result as a single layer or as a folder containing the two layers to allow you to mask the boost layer or reduce its intensity by playing with opacity.

Young lady original file to be converted in black & white with VitaminBW 2


Young lady color file converted in black & white with VitaminBW 2 - Step 1, Flat Layer

Step 1. Flat Layer

Young lady color file converted in black & white with VitaminBW 2 - Step 2, final result

Step 2. Final result

2. A stunning basic quality

Photoshop default vs VitaminBW 2 default.

Young lady color file converted with Photoshop black and white filter defaultYoung lady color file converted with VitaminBW 2 default

Pre-filtering. Color filters re-allocate the tonal values

Tonal contrast is crucial for a good black and white. A contrasted color file may be flat as often grayscale renders different colors in similar tones of gray. Color filters fix this issues re-allocating the tones. With Vitamin BW this operation is easy and quick.

Mincio Valley fire. Color file converted with VitaminBW 2 with Blue filter optionMincio Valley fire. Color file converted with VitaminBW 2 with No filter option

The Blue filter has impressively improved the contrast between the foliage and the background as well as the reflections in the water.

Contrast modes and the powerful Gamma slider

Instead of the default conversion, you can try “Boost” to obtain a stronger contrast, and local contrast effect. Even more powerful and flexible is the Gamma slider. that changes the luminosity is BEFORE the contrast boost, so the final result will be entirely different than lightening or darkening the file at the end of the process. In practice the gamma option lets you customize your black white without limits.

Retro-style portait converted in black and white with VitaminBW 2 with Gamma 0.8

Gamma 0.8

Retro-style portait converted in black and white with VitaminBW 2 with Gamma 1

Gamma 1

Retro-style portait converted in black and white with VitaminBW 2 with Gamma 0.8

Gamma 1.2

New color hues

VitaminBW 2 adds new presets to the classic Cool, Warm and Mixed tones. Platinum, Selenium, Sepia and Blue. Some of them come in two series. Classic, brighter with cleaner highlights and “Cotton” with a smoother effect that simulates the cotton papers prints.

New color hues for VitaminBW 2

Left to right: Platinum, Blue, Selenium and Sepia Cotton

Triple Tone. Three different tonal versions to choose from

Triple Tone is an exclusivity of VitaminBW.  It introduces non-expert users to advanced tonal editing techniques but also quickly becomes a “must have” tool for any Pro. Triple Tone creates a multi-layer file with three entirely different tonal versions. The two top layers have an inactive black layer mask. The three versions are “No Filter,” Blue and Orange. The three layers are available as flattened layers or with all steps separated for a full editability.


Triple Tone interface in Photoshop

The VitaminBW Panel sat on Boost, Blue and Gamma 0.91. The layers window shows the Triple Tone layers in full editability mode.

And first impression – fantastic!
I have a new toy to play with, a Ferrari compared to my previous Aston Martin!
Immediate impression is power with flexibility, a great combination; with great speed. I find the gamma slider immediately responsive, one needs to be careful not to go off the road! And also the ability to play with the different colour filters
I think I will have a lot of fun

Bryan Timmons

Margaret River, Western Australia

CC and later – €19.2 upgrade from VitaminBW 1

CS6 and later

VitaminBW 1 customers must be logged in to get the update price. There are two ways to log in:

  1. Go to your My Account Page and log in using username and password you used to buy VitaminBW 1 1. If you don’t remember the password, use the password recovery service. Once added the product to the basket it will already be at the discounted price.
  2. Add the product to the basket, go to cart, and the price will be displayed at the full price. Proceed to next page where you will be asked if you are a new or returning customer. Select “Returning ” and the price will switch to the discounted one.
    The customers who bought VitaminBW 1 in the last three months are eligible of a free upgrade.

Compatibility, version and manual

VitaminBW 2

Operating Systems
WIN: 7 to 11, 64bit only.
MAC: Sierra to Ventura.

Photoshop Versions
WIN: Photoshop CC2015.5 to CC2023 (PS24).
MAC Intel: PS CC2020 to CC2023 (PS24).
MAC M1, M2 Natively: up to Photoshop 22.1.2
MAC M1, M2 with Rosetta: Photoshop CC2015.5 to CC2023 (PS24).
See how to Install and Activate Rosetta

Current Version: 2.0.2
Read or download the user manual

VitaminBW 1
Photoshop CS6 and later
Mac: OSX Leopard and later
WIN: Windows 7 and later
Current Version: 1.2.0
Read or download the user manual

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