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All products are compatible with Photoshop CC 2017, OSX Sierra and WIN10. Please check the compatibility with the older Photoshop versions.
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Know-How Transfer Plugins are all CC 2017, OSX Sierra and WIN10 compatible. In the background a scale layer decomposed by Wow! Pro

NEXT Local Contrast Enhancer. The Next Generation ALCE

ALCE has been our bestselling product for many years and, since the release of ALCE2, its core functionality has not changed significantly. Recently, thanks to the know-how achieved developing plugins such as Wow! and Mask Equalizer, we set out to make this outstanding product even better by improving some of ALCE’s weaknesses. Specifically, we focused on: creating a live preview, improving the embedded halos suppress tool, adding three masking sliders and finally switching to Quad-Core processing and 32bit computing capabilities, not available in Photoshop.

The result was the Next Generation Local Contrast Enhancer, which we decided to rename NEXT.

Buy NEXT at €30 or Upgrade from ALCE at €18


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The Wow! Frequency Equalizer Range

Wow! is an exclusive Photoshop extension that improves your images with an exclusive combination of sharpening, shape, and smoothing – we call this the “The Wow! Factor.” Wow! adds style, image sharpness, and three-dimensionality together with incredibly smooth transitions. Use our easy presets with just one button, or take full control with the high-quality live preview to add and remove details by tweaking our five dedicated sliders. Now Available in Classic, Social and Video Edition.

Wow! Frequency Equalizer Pro

Adds to the features of Wow! Classic, the new Decomposition button. You can now turn each frequency into its pixel layer for a better and more precise frequency based retouching. Paint, clone and heal on the very specific frequency layer that contains the features you need to target, with unprecedented control over the retouching process.

Classic Customers Special

  • For Classic Edition customers only
  • Get the key to buying Wow! Pro Edition at €20 instead of €40
  • This is not an upgrade. You’ll get a brand new license.

Wow! Pro + Mask Equalizer

  • Two Thoroughbreds at a Special Price
  • Mark Equalizer shines used together with Wow! Frequency Equalizer Pro. It will allow creating on the fly complex luminosity masks with an instant preview of the mask applied. Works with pixel layers, adjustment layers, advanced objects, and groups.
  • Photoshop CC and above
BUY! 55

Other Wow! Versions

Improve your images controlling the positive and negative values of high, medium and low frequencies. Get powerful and personal images at the same time smoother, brilliant and sharper. Now available in Classic, Social, Pro and Video Edition.

Wow! Social Edition

For Photoshop
  • A Small Jewel For Web Sized Image
  • A miniaturized version of Wow! with a re-designed algorithm with shorter range sliders and dedicated preset optimized for sizes from 800 to 1500 px Works with files up to 1920×1920 px
BUY €15

Wow! Video Edition

For After Effects and Premiere Pro
  • The Video Version
  • Works with the same powerful engine than Wow! Classic. Same ease of use and tuning effect. Generates an instant video preview and the export process is very fast.
BUY €30

MASK Equalizer

Create masks using multiple luminosity ranges. Load a preset with just one click, to start to create your perfect mask. Go back and forth from mask to comp mode with lighting fast preview. Feather the mask, modify its contrast or opacity. Works with adjustment layers, advanced objects, or groups.

Wow! Frequency Equalizer Pro + Mask Equalizer Bundle

Two thoroughbreds working together in a convenient bundle. Mask Equalizer that creates sophisticated luminosity masks with one click is entirely independent, but shines when used with Wow!
Works also with adjustment layers, advanced objects, and groups.

Freebies for Photoshop

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Hasselblad 16bit Raw Scan

You will receive files of 200 MB with a depth of 16bit. Send us your originals from a 35mm to a 13x18cm/5by7”, color or b&w, negative or positive. Any owner of an analogic photo archive should try it.

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