MASK Equalizer. Luminosity Mask Plugin for Photoshop

MASK Equalizer is an exclusive Photoshop plugin to create layer masks using multiple luminosity ranges. Choose between our presets, to create a mask with just one click, modify it using sliders or manually create custom ones from scratch. Preview both the mask or the image with the mask applied. Modify the opacity of the mask, feather it or adjust its contrast. Advanced users will even be able to work on specific channels.

Mask Equalizer Luminosity Mask Plugin Panel

Mask Equalizer. Here, There and Everywhere.

This unique tool can make the difference in virtually any digital workflow. Whether used alone in your standard Photoshop workflow or paired with our plugins, for example with Wow!, Mask Equalizer shines as simplifies the creation of complex layer masks. It allows you to work perceptively switching back and forth from Mask to Comp preview that instantly shows the result of the mask applied. To understand what we mean, just try to add contrast with an adjustment curve, pushing the parameters without worrying of deep blacks or burnt highlights, then load a shadow-highlights preset.

  • Mask preview in real time 80% 80%
  • Comp preview. See in real time the effect on the image of the mask applied 100% 100%
  • A must have in any digital workflow 70% 70%

A Modular App. From Easy to Advanced

MASK Equalizer Panel in full mode

Easy presets section. Use one out the four buttons to create the most common masks to protect highlights, shadows, mid tones and (the most frequent) shadows and highlights together. When pressing the buttons, the sliders will set accordingly. Check the preview and proceed or tweak them manually for an easy to apply.

Intermediate sections. Tonal range (luminosity) sliders. They refer to blacks, shadows, shadows/mid tones, mid tones, mid tones/highlights, highlights, and whites. Starting from the presets, or from scratch, you will able to easily and quickly create even the most elaborate mask.

The sliders in this third section allow to change the opacity of the mask, feather it or tweak its contrast while keeping the mid tones unchanged. The use of these options, usually complicated, is made easy by the live preview which will allow you to work perceptively.

Fourth section. It contains the priceless wonder-option of the double live preview. You can opt to preview the black & white mask or just the image with the mask already applied.
This section also contains the advanced user’s menu to use specific channels as for instance l, a, b, hue, saturation, etc. instead of the default luminosity channel.

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Is MASK Equalizer a duplicate of Channels Power Tool?

No. They are entirely different.
Channels Power Tools creates masks from channels and is designed specifically for post-producers to speed up the professional post-production workflow.
MASK Equalizer creates masks using multiple tonal ranges which are the different luminosity areas of an image. It’s designed for photographers to quickly improve the files and fix the most common issues in a standard photographic workflow.

“I played with Mask Equalizer and it’s an absolutely great plugin and integrates well into my workflow.
Thanks for this wonderful helper!”

Werner Tschan, Bern, Switzerland

Studio LTD Atelier für Fotografie

I bought the new – amazing and indispensable – Mask Equalizer!

Guy Perkins

Reno, Nevada, United States

Compatibility, version, and manual

Photoshop CC all versions, CC 2022 included.
WIN: 7 to 11, 64bit only.
MAC: Sierra to Monterey.
MAC M1: Up to Photoshop 22.1.2 only
Not compatible with CS6, sorry
Current Version: 1.1.3
Read or download the user manual

Toggle to access the version history

1.1.3 February
Now the Mask/Comp preview is a toggled button and is easier to use

1.1.2 January 2017
Fixes an issue with the Apply button

1.1.1 January 2017
The COMP/PREVIEW option is now available as a more functional Toggled Button.
The small book icon in the bottom of the manual now correctly opens the user manual in WIN.

1.1.0 November 2016
Fixes a bug of MASK Equalizer crashing if used with NEXT

The panels of Wow! 2 and Mask Eaqualizer, the Decompose window and a sophisticated mid-tones mask created by Mask Equalizer

Mask Equalizer + Wow! Pro 2. Two Thoroughbreds Working Together

We warmly suggest considering to buy our convenient bundle of  Mask Equalizer and Wow! Frequency Equalizer Po 2. 
Wow! Pro 2 is an exclusive Photoshop plugin to boost or smooth each frequency range. Wow! adds style, image sharpness, and three-dimensionality together with incredibly smooth transitions.

An independent review on Mask Equalizer

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