Wow! Single User License

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Single user license on two different computers.
Compatibility: Photoshop CS6 – CC 2015
For the latest Photoshop versions buy Wow!2 or Wow! Pro2
Mac: Mountain Lion  and later
WIN: Win 7 and later, 64bit only
Current Version 1.5.0

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Wow! Tonal Equalizer Classic Edition Single User License

Similarly to music equalizer, Wow! allows you to control the tonal values, sharpness and local contrast of your file, working on the higher(finest details), medium or low, (large areas) frequencies. You can modify positive or negative values; use positive to add sharpness (with higher frequencies) or boost the local contrast (with lower frequencies). On the other hand, negative values smooth the image with a very pleasant results.

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  1. Guy Perkins

    Hello Know-How Transfer,

    I was somewhat unsure about buying WOW! Social Edition because I do so little uploading. I process for prints. But. I am very happy that I have WOW! Social now!

    A lot of post processing, including final sharpening, has taken place when I’m ready to convert a TIFF to a JPEG for the web. Not only am I able to finish the new JPEG to my liking with just the application of WOW! Social, I am able to restore any shifts in saturation, contrast and luminance that sometimes occurs from any conversion compression algorithm. This is very important to me, especially considering the simplicity of the WOW! process.

    What a great product… for every social use!

    Thank you,

    Guy Perkins

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