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The Brand New Interactive Manuals



We completely redesigned the interactive user manuals, to make them more user friendly and easily accessible from the plugin panel, by simply clicking on the book icon. The links on the front page take you directly to the relevant section in the manual, which also include links to additional external content like training pages, tutorials and more. Some of the content is currently in the works and will be available soon.


Check if a more recent version is available, or If you are going to buy a plugin, take a look before.

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ALCE Test Action

What is this Action for

ALCE test Action is a Photoshop action which automatically creates eight ALCE layers with different radius values, from 1 to 350.

You can choose ALCE to be applied with or without Turbo (Softer) option to see the difference between the two methods.
From the direct comparison between the different layers you will learn how different radii work better than every theoretical explanation.

Download the Action here > 

The 3F Package

Try free the Hasselblad 3F System

  • The package contains:
  • 35mm b&w negative 3F
  • Medium format color negative 3F
  • 4×5 inches transparency 3F
  • Flexcolor installer MAC/WIN
  • The “Imacon 3F” plugin
  • The user manual in several languages

Download the 3F Package  here >

Sample Files

VitaminBW Sample File | Fire in Mincio Valley

The zipped files contains all the version described in the the Manual Case History
Subject: Triple tone
© Roberto Bigano 2005

Download 160MB >

VitaminBW Sample File | Ropeway on the Alps

The zipped files contains, No Filter, Red with Standard and Boost Conversion.
© Roberto Bigano 2000
Analogic file from transparency download 160MB >

Tip: The Red Filter is often outstanding, but please handle it with care; especially in the blue areas it may generate a lot of noise; se the top right sky, Moderate the USM effect in the original. Notice the anti-haze effect on the mountains.

Download 168MB >