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ALCE test Action | Comprendere come funziona il Raggio

ALCE test Action è un’azione che crea in automatico otto livelli ALCE con raggio di diversi valori, da 1 a 350. Potete scegliere che ALCE venga applicato con o senza l’opzione Turbo (Softer) attivata per valutare la differenza tra i due metodi. La comparazione tra i diversi risultati vi farà capire cosa comporta un valore di raggio piuttosto che un altro più di qualsiasi spiegazione teorica o tutorial.

Un bianco e nero vitaminico

Il bianco e nero è probabilmente la gioia e il dolore di qualsiasi fotografo – anche di chi, paradossalmente, non ne fa uso. Circa sei mesi fa mi imbattei in un’interessante tecnica per convertire un’immagine a colori in bianco e nero e ne scrissi un articolo: si trattava del metodo di Gorman-Holbert. Quell’articolo se ne portò appresso altri due, uno dei quali espanse ulteriormente il ragionamento alla base di questa tecnica.

ALCE con panoramiche 360°

Two suggestion for ALCE processing of equirectangular images to be used building 360 degree panoramas. By Davide Barranca Equirectangular images, the ones used to build those beautiful, immersive, 360 degrees panoramas, may require some extra attention with ALCE , in...

Larry Lourcey on ALCE: New Way To Enhance Contrast

ALCE2 is a deceptively easy tool that enhances the contrast of an image to really give it some punch. Unlike some filters that have hundreds of options and boxes to click – this one is simple: just one slider. You dial in the amount of effect you want and off it goes. Best of all, it records the setting you used – right in the layer name – so you can actually recreate the look later. This was a huge plus for me!

La tecnica del Moltiplica con i falsi profili

The False Profile – Multiply TechniqueAdvance techniques combining False Profile with Multiply Blend Mode in Photoshop: the False Profiles technique, the Multiply technique, Multiply + False Profile combined, mask options and more


A false profile (that is, a profile with a non-standard gamma value) can be expressed as pencil-drawn curves generated by Photoshop. While this has little practical relevance, it allows us to understand what assigning a false profile actually does to an image by simply inspecting the shape of a curve.

Dan Margulis sull’Italia e RBG

The truth is that it is a land of love and great beauty, made all the more beautiful professionally by seeing the new and sophisticated imaging algorithms being developed by Davide with Marco Olivotto, and by seeing how Alessandro, Daniele Di Stanio, Tiziano Fruet and others have brought first-class color instruction into a country where it was rarely found previously.

Better Digital Camera Magazine: A Local Contrast Enhancer | By Nick Rains

I use ALCE as part of my main workflow. Very few images will not benefit from a bit of a boost and, remember, what you see on your screen will be much more contrasty than a print. Giving an image a quick once over with ALCE will lift your print quality without a shadow of a doubt. Nick Rains ***Highly recommended.

3F | The revolutionary professional scan system by Hasselblad

In 2000 Imacon, now Hasselblad, created a new proprietary format for the Flextight scanners, the Flexible File Format or fff. 3F has determined the biggest revolution in the field of original analog scanning since the introduction of the drum scanner. A 3F allows one to obtain a file similar to a raw file from analog original.