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Here, photographers can exchange experiences, share information and grow their skills. We aim to teach and learn at the same time;  to promote good photography; and help professionals “survive” in this tough business and amateurs get the most out from their passion. We do this using four different tools, all with a specific target: Resources, Tutorials, Workflows and Workshops. Learn more about them.

We also encourage you to share your experiences in the comments.

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A rich collection of free content covering many aspects of photography, digital imaging, videography, color correction, pre-press and more. Tips, tricks and in-depth materials to further your knowledge and skills, whether you are a seasoned professional or just started learning about photography.

Articles such as “The 3F Format”, “In-a-gamma-da-vida”, “Notes on Sharpening” or “Shooting Cars on Location” are highly shared resources among photography professionals. Stay tuned for additional content.

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Video-tutorials walking you through the entire process of a real shoot, from the lighting set-up, to the shooting technique and finishing with the post-production workflow. You’ll be able to learn how to recreate a specific photo or reproduce a particular shooting style, through step-by-step instruction. All tutorials include a video of the photo shoot and a recorded HD screencast of the post-production phase, plus additional downloadable content and test files.

We share our instructions and many years of experience, then you can add your talent, enthusiasm and skills to create your own stunning images.

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  • Learn shooting techniques to lighting set-ups and post-production workflows 70% 70%
  • We share our instructions and many years of experience 85% 85%
  • Hours of video contents 50% 50%

Recorded HD screencasts providing step-by-step instruction for the post-production workflow of a specific image. You will be able to learn exactly how Roberto Bigano shot the frames for a focus stacking with Cam Ranger and then stack them in Helicon Focus, how Davide D’Angelo created a breathtaking infrared black and white photo, or how Marco Olivotto color corrected difficult files.

Along with the recorded HD screencast, workflows include downloadable content for additional instruction.

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  • Our workflows will walk you through the digital workflow of something specific 85% 85%
  • Hi-Res desktop video. Virtually the same quality of your desktop 60% 60%

We’re working on developing a list of 10 workshops in different locations around the world covering topics such as “Shooting from a different point of view with pole aerial photography”, “Lighting and shooting cars on location” and”Lighting a product to enhance his features”.

Stay tuned!

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  • Bring back home a printed book with your pictures 50% 50%
  • Quickly improve your skills. Effectively. 85% 85%