Mask Equalizer and Wow! Pro Plugins Bundle

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Our plugins are designed to make your work easier and more qualitative. All our software is the result of joint work between developers and photographers.

To pursue our goals we removed from applications everything that’s not indispensable and we made sure that user interfaces are photographers-oriented, simple yet functional. Apps beta testing involves photographers from different countries.



The Interactive Manuals

We design our user manuals, to make them more user-friendly. They are readily available from the plugin panel, by just clicking on the book icon. The links on the front page take you directly to the relevant section of the manual.

The pages include links to additional external content like training pages, tutorials, and more.  You’ll also find a lot of before/after comparisons.


Shape user manual 2020 completely redesigned


In the product pages, you will find the links to the video tutorials, or you can find them gathered in our YouTube or Vimeo Pages.

YouTube Page

Vimeo Page

Training Booklets and Pages

Besides tutorials, we have morel training contents, for instance:
1. Training Booklets as “Next and Shape Compared” or “Wow!2 Before/After”.
2. Training Pages as for Mask Equalizer.

We also published this first tutorial of the new instructional and training system with a mix of text, images, and quick video contents for an effective learning experience.


Next vs Shape comparison interactive booklet
Know-How Transfer FAQ Page


You may find quick support in the user manuals FAQ pages by just clicking on the red FAQ button on the covers. The Plugin-Dedicated “Quick Rescue” page should help you in most cases.
Or go to our FAQ page where we hope you will find all the answers.
One of the most frequent answers is about adding the plugins step in a Photoshop Action.

FAQ Page



The Photography Knowledge Hub Blog

Contrast Enhancement Evolution. From Alce to Next, to Shape

Contrast Enhancement Evolution. From Alce to Next, to Shape

SHAPE allowed us to add key functions that were difficult, if not impossible, to implement in NEXT. We designed SHAPE using NEXT as a starting point, and improve it in five areas.
1. Introducing the multiple contrast mode. 2. Fixing the halos issue. 3. Adding a sharpening slider. 4. Adding Color boost control. 5. Allowing full customization.

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