Photoshop Professional Plugins Designed for Photographers

Plugins and extensions are built to make your work easier and more qualitative. All our software is the result of joint work between developers and photographers. To pursue our goals, we removed everything that’s not indispensable, and we made sure that user interfaces are photographers-oriented, simple yet functional. Apps beta testing involves photographers from different countries.
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Introducing Wow! Pro 2 – Five Bands Frequency Equalizer and Decomposer

We have been working on Wow! 2 in the last months capitalizing the know-how achieved developing plug-ins like Shape and others. We set out to develop this new outstanding version by improving performance and all existing features and adding more features to improve user experience and speed up the workflow. We invested a lot of resources in the user interface and all functions are now customizable.

The most important new function is Edge and Tone Preserving, a new exciting exclusive core feature of Wow! 2. It magically improves edges and overall tone, protecting highlights and shadows. It allows pushing the frequency sliders further. We also added “Adaptive Frequency Range”,  “Shadows & Highlights Protect”, “Quick Decompose”, “Full Color Control”, “Tooltips Help” and more.

Wow! Frequency Equalizer 2 Plugin for Photoshop CC - The panel and an image tuned by Wow! 2

Wow! Frequency Equalizer 2

Wow! is an exclusive Photoshop plugin to boost or smooth each frequency range. Wow! adds style, image sharpness, and three-dimensionality together with incredibly smooth transitions. Use our easy presets with just one button, or take full control with the high-quality live preview to add or remove details by tweaking our five dedicated sliders.

Wow! Frequency Equalizer Pro 2 Plugin for Photoshop CC - The panel, the pyramid of decomposed layers and an image tuned and decomposed by Wow Pro 2!

Wow! Frequency Equalizer Pro 2

Adds to Wow! Classics features the new Decomposition button. You can turn each frequency into its pixel layer for a more precise frequency based retouching. Paint, clone and heal on the very specific frequency layer that contains the features you need to target, with unprecedented control over the retouching process.

Mask Equalizer and Wow! Frequency Equalizer plugins for Photoshop panels plus a sample of layer mask created by Mask Equalizer

Wow! Pro 2 + Mask Equalizer Bundle

We warmly suggest considering to buy one of our convenient bundles of Wow and Mask Equalizer. This plug-in that creates sophisticated luminosity masks with one click is entirely independent of Wow!, but it shines when they are used together. It also works with adjustment layers, advanced objects, and groups.

Shape – Midtones Global/Local Contrast Manager

Shape, a new Plugin to manage the contrast in an innovative and practical way. You can easily control in one go amount of contrast, kind of contrast, saturation, color mode, and sharpness. The customizable boosting effect is mostly applied in the mid-tones.

The Interface of Shape | Midtones Global/Local Contrast Manger


Manages contrast, sharpness, and color in one go. Its shaping effect is mostly concentrated in the mid-tones, using a sophisticated 32bit internal masking tool. Shape allows changing not only the amount but also the kind of contrast by choosing the best global/local contrast balance. The color behavior can be controlled as well, thanks to the color boost control and two color modes.

Mask Equalizer Luminosity Mask Plugin

MASK Equalizer is an exclusive Photoshop plugin to create layer masks using multiple luminosity ranges. Choose between our presets and create a layer mask with just one click, modify it using sliders or manually create custom ones from scratch. Preview both the mask or the image with the mask applied. Modify the opacity of the mask, feather it or adjust its contrast. Advanced users will even be able to work on specific channels.

MASK Equalizer

Mask Equalizer is an essential tool with its ease of use and the ability to go back and forth from mask to comp mode with lighting fast preview.

Available as single product, or bundled with Wow! Frequency Equalizer Pro2 at a discounted price.

VitaminBW 2 – Advanced Black & White Conversion and Editing

VitaminBW 1 got a prominent place in the Black and White community because of its conversion quality and the stunning capabilities of Triple Tone. Unfortunately, it missed the live preview and was a bit slow. Recently, thanks to the know-how achieved developing the new plug-ins, we set out to make this outstanding product far better by improving on some of its weaknesses and adding extra features.

VitaminBW 2 Interface and Featured Image

VitaminBW 2

A two-step conversion process that first creates a smooth black and white version and then applies an algorithm to make your image pop with rich and brilliant tonal gradations. “Triple Tone” option with one click, serves you on a silver tray three different tonal versions in a single Photoshop document to choose the best or blend two or more. VitaminBW will dramatically change your approach to black & white conversion.

NEXT. The Next Generation ALCE

ALCE has been our bestselling product for many years and, since the release of ALCE2, its core functionality has not changed significantly. Recently, thanks to the know-how achieved developing plugins as Wow! and Mask Equalizer, we set out to make this outstanding product even better by improving on some of ALCE’s weaknesses. Specifically, we focused on creating a live preview, improving the embedded halos suppress tool, adding three masking sliders and last, switching to Quad-Core processing and 32bit computing capabilities, not available in Photoshop.

NEXT Local Contrast Enhancer Plugin for Photoshop with a Ferrari F40

NEXT Local Contrast Enhancer

An easy-to-use and powerful Photoshop plugin to effectively improve and finely tune the local contrast of an image, using a smart algorithm. The user interface is clean, with just one slider, allowing the user to customize the effect in a straightforward way.

Double USM 2 – The next generation white and dark halos sharpener

Double USM 2 is a sharpening tool working separately on Dark and Light halo’s components of an image. With a double set of sliders, Double USM 2 fills the gap and lets you tweak halos precisely, to fit your image processing needs. Recently, thanks to the know-how achieved developing plug-ins as Wow!, Mask Equalizer and Next, we set out to make this outstanding product even better by improving on some of Version 1 weaknesses and adding extra features.

Double USM 2 Plugin for Photoshop Panel plus an examle of application on a Manfrotto bag picture

Double USM 2

Double USM 2 is a sharpening tool working separately on Dark and Light halo’s components of an image. With a double set of sliders, Double USM fills the gap and lets you tweak halos precisely, to fit your image processing need.
Double USM 2 is 6 to 8 time faster of the previous version, allows to set a separate threshold for light and dark halos, works internally at 32bit and adds tonal range masking controls.



Compatibility: WIN

Photoshop CC all versions, CC 2024 included.
WIN: 7 to 11, 64bit only.

All products are SINGLE USER license on two computers.

Note: Upgrading to CC2024/PS25 may require to reinstall the plugins.



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Compatibility: MAC

OsX: Sierra to Sonoma.
Photoshop CC 2015.5 / 2024.

OsX: Sierra to Sonoma.
Photoshop CC 2015.5 / 2021 (PS17 / 22.2)
Open with Intel:
Photoshop CC 2015.5  / 2024.(PS17 / PS25)



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