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Developed by Davide Barranca

PS Projects Makes Your Workflow Easier

PS Projects is a script that lets you create, load and modify Project files – i.e. collections of images in any format, from any folder in your hard drive as file references, that for some reason you might need to open in Photoshop often.
The upcoming free upgrade to the powerful version 2 will add copy, batch and inspect functions.


  • Light, Fast and Effective 50%
  • Unlimited Crossed Archives 60%
  • Free Upgrade to The Upcoming Powerful Version 2 70%

Compatibility: Photoshop CC2014, CC and CS6
Mac, Maverick included  / WIN 32 & 64bit, WIN 8 included
Current Version 1.0

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Why PS Projects

Have you ever had the need to open the same set of images more than once, maybe because you’re a UX designer working on a project that includes dozens of assets, or a still life photographer post-producting images that the Art Director has finally chosen for the Ad campaign, from the hundreds you’ve shot in total?
PS Projects implements the idea of Project Files: a lightweight, encrypted file that contains only the links to the assets you want to open in Photoshop.

How Does it Work?

Create a New Project selecting files from any folder in you hard disk, any format that PS can open: PSD, TIFF, JPG, DNG, etc. and Save a .psproject file with a meaningful name.
Each time you need that very set of images, just Load the .psproject file and you’ll get them all opened in Photoshop in a glance.


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22% Tax Added to EU Customers

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