Family Portrait Tuned by Wow Frequency Equalizer

Wow! Social Edition. The “Wow! Factor” for Web Sized Images

Knowing that many photographers optimize images sized for social platforms or the web, we set out to develop Wow! Social Edition, an innovative app fully devoted to the social world. We also know that any adjustment done at the output size generates the best result.

As for why we designed an entirely new algorithm, aimed at finely calibrating images with resolutions between 1,000 and 1,500 px and created new, specific presets. The results were beyond our expectations. Images are brilliant, smooth and pop. Of course, being designed specifically for lower resolutions, this version cannot deliver optimal results at high resolutions. As why, Wow! Social Edition works only with files up to 1,920x1,920 px.

Wow! Frequency Equalizer Social Edition animated interface showing presets

How the sliders works

Here the Wow! interface. There are two ways you can go. The first: you start tweaking the sliders until you get a satisfactory result. The second, faster and easier: you start from one of the presets enclosed in Wow! Choosing a preset from the menu, the sliders will change their position and set themselves in a given configuration.

The sliders correspond to five spatial frequency bands; left to right, the bands correspond to high frequencies which become progressively lower. If you prefer: detail is on the left, shape is on the right. The intermediate bands work on intermediate scales.

Each slider can be either boosted or cut: a boost corresponds to an enhancement of a given band, a cut corresponds to a reduction. Sliders can be combined, of course, in whatever ratio. The effect may not be easily predictable at times, and it strongly depends on the image you are working on. Also, notice the sixth slider: you may think of it as the intensity of the overall effect, a bit like opacity: 100 is maximum (and the default), and 0 is minimum, corresponding to no effect.

Compatibility, version and manual

Photoshop CC and later, CC 2017 included
Mac: OSX7 Lion and later, OSX Sierra included
WIN: Vista and later, WIN10 included, 64bit only
Not compatible with CS6, sorry
Current Version: 1.1.5
Read or download the user manual

The Wow! Factor

Some call it “Glossy Glow,” some “Smooth Pop.” We call it the “The Wow Factor” that adds style, image sharpness, and three-dimensionality together with incredibly smooth transitions and very pleasant skin tones.

[soliloquy slug="wow-factor-2"]

Hours have been reduced to seconds in frequency separation with brand new Wow!”

Alexander Walter

Munich, Germany, Alex Walter Photography

Page Photo Credits

Two girls: © Irina Gromovataya /
Man: © Sergey Galushko /
Model: © Irina Gromovataya /
Family Portrait: © Jani Bryson /
Interiors Video: © Roberto Bigano /

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