Wow! Frequency Equalizer Video Edition

Wow! is an exclusive extension for Adobe CC that improves your images with a magical combination of sharpening, shape and smoothing – we call this the “The Wow! Factor.” Now available as Video Edition for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, Classic Edition and Social Edition for Photoshop.

Wow! adds style, image sharpness, and three-dimensionality together with incredibly smooth transitions. Use our easy presets with just one button, or take full control with the high-quality live preview to add and remove details by tweaking our five dedicated sliders.

This Video Edition works with the same powerful engine than Wow! Classic. Same ease of use and tuning effect. Thanks to its powerful wavelet-based algorithm, 32bit color depth internal processing, and modern CPU optimized code, Wow! generates an instant video preview and the export process his very fast. It’s easy to use. Just open the original video file, open Wow! from the effect menu, load a preset, tweak it and export. Take a look at the short video below.

  • Five detail scales working independently with positive (add contrast sharpening and local contrast) and negative (remove contrast and smooth) values.
  • New wawelet based algorithm.
  • Multi CPU accelerated.
  • Modern CPU optimized code compatible with SSE4 and later.
  • 32bit color depth internal processing.

Version 1.5.000

  • Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CC (All versions) CS6
  • MAC: Lion and later
  • WIN: Vista and later

Wow! Frequency Equalizer Video Edition for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro