How to flawlessly update to Photoshop CC 2017

by Nov 3, 2016

Maybe you don’t know but, updating Photoshop you may replace the older version or keep it. There are a couple of reasons why you should’nt opt to replace. Here few tips to make the update to Photoshop CC 2017 easy as a pie. Follow the instructions below and watch this short video.

New Photoshop CC 2017 interface

Replace the old version or keep it?

To choose the best option you should know how Photoshop manages the third party files.
All the files stored in shared folders will be available also in the new release. The files installed in these folders are shared by the Photoshop versions from CC 2014 and later.
The files stored in dedicated folders will not be copied.
We recommend to keep the old version for a couple of main reason.
1. The very first release may have some bugs, or not be compatible with some third party applications drivers etc.
2. You should loose part of the components of your third party software the may be complicate to reinstall.
3. Keeping the old version you may copy the missing files from the old version to the new, typically scripts or plugins not installed in shared folder. A this point if some extensions will not work this will mean that they have some incompatibilities with the new version.

Remove old version tab upgrading Photoshop CC 2017

The secret is: uncheck “Remove old version tabs”

1. You are upgrading to CC 2017. To start do not press press the blue “Update” button, but open the “Advanced option sub-menu. Now proceed carefully and uncheck the “Remove old version tabs” and finally you may press the blue “Update” button to launch the update process. Photoshop CC 2017 will be installed without removing the older version.
You will notice that all the HTML folders and plugins kept in the shared folders will be there. Typically Wow! and Mask Equalizer.
Other files, mostly scripts must be copied from the older version.

Wow! Frequency Equalizer Classic Pro and Social Edition

No action needed. They are where expected.

Mask Equalizer

No action needed. It’s where expected.


ALCE will work as an extension. To complete the installation and use it as a filter also you must copy this files
ALCE 2.3.1.jsx and ALCE_Batch. jsx from Photoshop Older Version/Preset/Script to Photoshop CC 2017/Preset/Script.
Then restart.


Copy the DoubleUSM folder from Photoshop old version/Preset/Script to Photoshop CC 2017/Preset/Script. Then restart Photoshop.

Channels Power Tools

You must download the latest version.
To ways to download it:
If you still have the download email you received after the purchase, simply download from that link; you will get the latest version of the applications.
Go to your dedicated “My Account Page”
Log-in using your username (or email address) and password.
If you don’t remember it, use the password recovery service.