Elio Marchi

An Industrial Nomad | A Travel Photography Portfolio
Notes on the images



elio_marchi_slide_01October 2013

Above The Rooftops of Jerusalem, Israel
Sony RX1 35mm, ISO100, 1/800/f8



October 2013

Medellin International Airport, Colombia
Sony RX1 35mm, ISO200, 1/250/f8



March 2014

Tokyo, Japan
Sony RX1 35mm, ISO1250, 1/250/f4



January 2014

“Bandidos”, Mexico
Sony RX1 35mm



May 2013

Esperando Pedro – Guadalajara, Mexico
Sony RX1, ISO320 1/80 f4



August 2012

Quo Vadis? – Shanghai, China
NikonD800, 35mm, ISO125, 1/160 f8



May 2013

Mejor Juntos – Medellin, Colombia
Sony RX1, 35mm, ISO200 1/150 f7.1



February 2012 

Istanbul Rain – Istanbul,Turkey
Nikon D700, 50mm, ISO800 1/125 f8



September 2013

Controindicazioni – Manchester, Uk 
Sony RX1, ISO6400 1/100 f2



May 2013

Manipulacion – Mexico City, Mexico
Sony RX1, ISO100, 1/125 f5,6



September 2013

Keep Clear – Manchester, Uk
Sony RX1, ISO5000, 1/125 f2



January 2013

Into their hands – Florence, Italy
SonyRX1, ISO 640, 1/250 f8



February 2013

Yes Man – Germany
Sony RX1, ISO640, 1/160 f5,6



January 2012

Chevrolet – Saltillo, Mexico
Nikon D700 Zoom 24-70 at 70mm, ISO200 1/60 

We met Elio Marchi recently and were very pleased by his tuscan wit and by the quality of his work and black-and-white. The text below is taken straight from some email he wrote to us. To convert in B&W Elio now uses VitaminBW. Previously he used ALCE to enhance the Local Contrast and Silver Efex Pro to convert in B&W.

Elio Marchi tells Elio Marchi

I live in Capannori, Lucca, Tuscany.

Photography came into my life a few years ago as a form of “active therapy” against the stress of my job. In the last twenty years I’ve been working as an “industry rambler”, travelling all over the world and consequently being away from home for weeks. I do need to document anything interesting happening around me. I travel a lot but only now, thanks to Photography, I realised that before I “watched”, now I “see”and understand. Transfer these thrills in a shot is not easy, especially for those, like me, who are self taught in photography. I feel I don’t have a proper photographic culture… I try.

I shoot with a Sony RX1. Previously I owned a Nikon D800 with a lot of heavy stuff. I sold away everything. Now I’m lightweight and happy. I ’m allergic to photoshock (it’s not a print mistake) that I use as less as possible. I’m lucky. Lucky to live in Lucca, lucky to have a good job for a good company, lucky because my wife, despite of my job, stands by me, lucky because I meet a lot of interesting people.
…sorry! I’m not a good  story teller.

Enjoy my portfolio!