What is this Action for

ALCE test Action is a Photoshop action which automatically creates eight ALCE layers with different radius values, from 1 to 350. You can choose ALCE to be applied with or without Turbo (Softer) option to see the difference between the two methods. From the direct comparison between the different layers you will learn how different values works better than every theoretical explanation.

Tip 1: choose three of your tipical files with different features like portrait and landscape, high contrast and low contrast subjects, images with and without Unsharp Mask and local contrast applied. Run this action and compare the results.
Tip 2: to see how the same radius value affects different sized images, you should also try to resize you test files (before applying ALCE), for example at 50% and 25% of original size. Now apply the same ALCE value (eg. 50) to all the different versions of the image and look how the same radius affects them in different ways.

Where to find and how to install this Action

In the downloaded folder, along with ALCE installers and manuals, you will find “z ALCE Test Action” folder, Which includes “ALCE Test Action.atn “ file. To install this actions just double click on the file and, if requested, choose to open it with Photoshop. You can also choose “Load Actions…” from the Action panel’s menu in Photoshop, and locate the .atn file to install.

You can also download the Action and the PDF manual here >
You can also find it, together with user manuals, samples etc in the download page >