tThis post is to introduce you to my “Semi-serious biography”, hosted on my portfolio website. It was written in 1992 after two long days of interviews. It narrates my beginnings as a photographer, first as an amateur, then as professional. It is primarily targeted to those young people about to embark in this tough but beautiful profession.

To break through, they will have to overcome great obstacles, because of the competitive nature of this field: nobody dreams of becoming a butcher or a baker nowadays, but many want to become photographers. Just remember that, before them, we have all had our fair share of experiences, failures, sufferings, and gaffes. Read the biography, and you’ll agree with me.

Before reading through my early adventures, I wanted to share some of my later works for comparison.

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Me. Between Eclecticism and Specialization

As you can see I’m very eclectic. In May 2009, 125 Bugatti owners gathered with their cars in Tuscany to celebrate Bugatti’s 100th birthday. Sponsored by Hasselblad and Manfrotto, I shot some of those stunning mechanical masterpieces, while on location, outdoors.

Hasselblad executives were so impressed by the photos, that they asked me to hold the workshop “How to shoot cars on location” at Photokina, the largest Photography Exhibition in Europe. At the end of the seminar, Bill Frakes, a Manfrotto ambassador like me, asked me if I exclusively shot cars and was surprised to learn that it was only the second time in my professional career. This anecdote describes my work history and style.

Transfer Experiences and Methods

Translating methodological experiences gained in one field to the next allows me to excel in different fields, from technical shooting for Manfrotto, Gitzo or Hasselblad, to documenting art collections for some of the most prestigious publishers in the world, or even winning awards in food photography. Does this seem strange?

Over time, I specialized in complex shooting on location. For example, lighting a glossy surface can be relatively easy in a studio but is more complex on site especially with difficult subjects, like a car. Other examples are overhead shooting or multiple shoots images. This is why I often introduce myself as specialized in “impossible shots”.

My Early Flights

It wasn’t always easy, of course! I had my fair share of ups and downs before being able to break through. Just remember, and don’t let a few setbacks discourage you.



1976-1992. A very serious, semi-serious biography

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