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All Our Apps Are CC 2017 Compatible

Channels Power Tools, need to be updated to the latest version.

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How can I log in to My Account page?

Go to Menu/My Account Page. Log in using the username and password we sent you via email. Once inside you will be able to check the latest version of the purchased applications, download them or customize your profile and, of course, purchase new products.

Of course through your email you can recover your password. If you need further help email us >

Is my version compatible with Photoshop CC2015?

All our extensions are compatible with Photoshop CC 2015.
Please check the System Requirements Tabs in the product page or buy pages before to purchase.

Firefox claims: The owner of this site is unknown

Firefox, differently from Chrome, Internet Explore, Safari and other browsers claim our https secure but give an alert because the “owner of this site is unknown”. We are trying to fix this issue without success. We console ourselfves. We are not alone, the bigger networks have the same problem. So we assume that this is a Firefox issue.


Here below the comparison between Firefox and Chrome (Same is for Internet Explorer, Safari and others ) and the scan of our certificate by Quality SSL Labs that rated our certificate with a Green A



What's about the previous site: bigano.com?

We split the previous site.
bigano.com has been totally re-designed an now is only the portfolio site of Roberto Bigano.
All the instructional contents, tutorials and apps for Photoshop are now gathered in this site, included the rbg.bigano.com blog  posts.
Visiting the old urls you will be re.directed to the new pages


Did you share my personal information?

Absolutely not! Bigano Srl is the company owner of bigano.com and knowhowtransfer.com

Consequently the ownership of the site did not change and your contact information was not shared with any third-party.
For any question, please contact us here >

The publisher of the extension cannot be verified.


 Starting on october 2, 2013, due to the new Photoshop’s security policy some applications installed in the last 365 days might no longer work and even disappear from the Photoshop menu. 

This happens because the yearly developer certificate expires.

This has caused great inconvenience to many of our customers and for us it was not easy to support them.

So we preferred to not certificate our installer, but trust in us please!

I cannot see the price in US$ in the purchase pages.

Sorry, at the moment it is only possible purchase in €. The price in US$ listed in the purchase buttons is based on the average exchange rate, however the amount you will be charged may vary according to the daily exchange rate.

Can I use my product on two different computers?

Yes, you can. Independently of the operating system, whether  MAC or WIN. All our products are intended as single user license on two different computers.

We also offer multiple licenses packages (3, 5, 10, 25). Simply go to the product page and select the multiple licenses.

WOW! Tonal Equalizer | Frequency Separation Plugin

Version & compatibility - single and multiple licenses

Compatibility: Photoshop CC 2015 ,CC2014, CC, CS6
MAC & WIN All Versions – 16 bit only
Current Version: 1.1.004

MASK Equalizer

Sistem Requirements and Version

Compatibility: Photoshop CC and above, CC 2015.5 included
MAC: OSX 10.7 Lion and above
WIN: Vista and above (64bit only)
Current Version: 1.0.004

ALCE | Advanced Local Contrast Enhancer

Version & compatibility - single and multiple licenses

Compatibility: Photoshop cc 2015, CC2014, CC, CS6, CS5, CS4, CS3
MAC & WIN – All Versions – 32 and 64 bit
Current Version:
2.3. 1: CC2014, CC, CS6
2.2.1: CS5, CS4, CS3

Channels Power Tools | Advanced Mask Editing

Version & compatibility - single and multiple licenses

Compatibility: Photoshop cc 2015, CC2014, CC, CS6, CS5
MAC & WIN – All Versions – 32 and 64 bit
Current Version: 1.1. 5

VitaminBW | Single and Triple Tone Black&White Converter

Does VitaminBW works on RGB files only?


VitaminBW works on RGB images only. Convert your file to RBG or save a copy and then covert it in RGB.

Unsupported Color Mode


unsupported_color_modeUnsupported Color Mode
VitaminBW works on RGB images only.
Convert your file to RBG or save a copy and then covert it in RGB.

General Photoshop Error



General Photoshop Error

It seems that this file has an embedded profile that *is not* installed in your system. Part of the Vitamin routine needs the file to be switched to Lab and then converted back to the RGB profile embedded within the file.In order to do it this profile must be installed in your system.

Tip: Convert you file to an RGB profile installed in your system or assign a profile. If you need to keep the original file make a copy.

Double USM

I cannot navigate within the preview window.


Sorry! After you launched Double USM this is not possible. However there is a simple trick. Go to 100% or 50% pan in the area you want to preview, then launch Double USM.

At which dimension should I set the preview?


It depends. If you want to print the file we suggest you to preview it at zoom of 33%. This will simulate properly what you will see on the print,
For web the best is at 100% (considering the published size)